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Why Franchise with smmart?

Low investment model Convenient model for extremely easy pay-back period, your initial investment can come back in 12 months An opportunity to do something for yourself, the society and for India – to transform India

When you buy a smmart franchise, you partner with us in following ways:


You become an extended part of our Brand. Along with the brand come the meaningful experiences of people who have shaped lives of 11000 plus entrepreneurs who have gained path-breaking solutions


You are the engine which takes our systems like proprietary training & hardcore reviews to the entrepreneurs which enable them reach everlasting transformation

Geographical Area:

You are responsible to extract business from the area agreed upon during our agreement and allotted to you

Who can become a smmart franchise partner?

You are suitable to partner us if you are:

An accounting firm

Run a Finesse school

Already a Trainer looking to scale your services

Have been into selling services

Have good connections in Small & Medium scale industries, with entrepreneurs and well networked

Already a franchise partner doing successful business

What do you do as a smmart franchise partner?

You enroll entrepreneurs in your designated areas for various programs smmart conducts
You work through a 3 to 5 member’s team plus one admin person through an office area approximately 300 sq ft

What are your sources of revenue?

All smmart products are your revenue sources!
Gurukul products (6 in all)
Motivational talks
Books & CDs

Is there market for smmart’s products & services?

India is world’s 2nd largest country with shadow companies. There are 127 unregistered companies next to every single registered company in India. This makes India a huge market for the next few decades from smmart’s perspective.

What about competition?

smmart has practically no competition. Few management institutes conduct courses for entrepreneurs, not the way smmart does. smmart goes beyond Training as the focus is on ‘100% Entrepreneurshift Leadershift Managerialshift(ELM) Paradigm Shift Guaranteed.’

Become a smmart Franchise

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