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I want to increase my sales and make more money
In any entrepreneurial setup there are many departments or functions like Production, Packaging, logistics, Operations, Creative, Sales, Customer Service, Administration, etc… which are required for its smooth functioning. But out of these departments, Sales is the most important department as it is the backbone of any organization. No organization can grow or sustain itself without the steady inflow of sales. In fact, retail selling skills form the foundation for organizational growth.

Sales is required for the smooth cash flow of the business which is crucial for sustenance, growth, expansion, diversification, new market development, new product research and so on . Thus it becomes more important to keep upgrading the KASHS (Knowledge, Attitude, Skills, habits and Strategies) of Entrepreneurs as well as their sales people. Is selling an artistic science or is it a scientific art????

It is both! An effective salesman must understand the science or process of selling and appreciate and learn the art of selling; he must develop retail selling skills to be successive in closing the sale each time he /she interacts with prospective customers.

Thus to help you upgrade or enhance the KASHS of yourself and your sales force, smmart has designed a super exciting program. These selling consultancy services are now also open to employees of our Gurukul participants.
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