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The ‘Journey of Nirvana Gurukul’ for an entrepreneur is similar to that of a caterpillar becoming a butterfly. It enables this entrepreneurial and Organizational Transformation.
For any transformation to be successful you need two things:

  • A strong motivation, push and desire to visualize a vision for the future.
  • A well structured, systematic, step by step plan of reaching the set vision.
As the organizations grow, Entrepreneur’s behavior towards the organizational development needs to be looked at differently at every stage. At each stage different kind of approach is to be established for enabling Transformation and thus the program has been segmented into eight stages. The eight stages are viewed upon as ‘8 Transformational Meditations’ which will ultimately lead to “Nirvana of Entrepreneurship”

The key feature of the program is the presence of the Business Enhancer who are going to work with the Entrepreneurs in the entire journey of Transformation. The transformational coaches will be overseeing the journey of transformation and ensuring effective implementation of Nirvana Gurukul principles in the organization.

These meditations spanning across a period of 2 years are held in an intellectually stimulating environment where ‘believers’ will experience personal professional transformation as well as life will be infused in his dreams and move towards attainment of ‘ Nirvana of Entrepreneurship’.
The ‘8’ step by step transformational meditations with their key take aways are enlisted as follows:


Entrepreneurs will learn how to combine the attributes of a Transformation agent by doing certain things right.


Entrepreneurs will learn how to create a team which is equally passionate about the Transformation and will help him get it done.


Entrepreneurs will learn to define the vision of the company in detail along with the importance of ideas of Family Constitution and Corporate Governance.

Praja :

Entrepreneurs will understand ways of empowering others to act on the vision which they believe in.

Kaushal :

Entrepreneurs will learn how to grab on short term wins and latch on to some low hanging fruits.

Shaily :

The Entrepreneurs will learn ‘not to declare victory too soon’ after struggling so much during the journey and keep the momentum going. The meditation also prepares the organization for the leap into the next orbit.

Mulya :

Entrepreneurs will learn to institutionalize the concepts of Nirvana Gurukul in the organization.

Moksha :

The entrepreneurs will be introduced to the methodology of NGLC ( Nirvana Gurukul Leadership Cell)The Key Highlights of this transformational Entrepreneurial Journey are:– Structured step by step process of forming a business plan and achieving it.- Offsite location for concentrated focus only on the principles of Nirvana Gurukul- Intense involvement of Business Enhancers with entrepreneurs in implementation of the principles.

  • Special visits by the Chief Coach.
  • Monitoring progress of each participant at periodic intervals.
  • The offering includes scheduled Nirvana Gurukul days with dedicated time for Training, Consulting Coaching, Mentoring and Enablement learnt through Global and National Case Studies.

Apart from the above the coaches for Nirvana Gurukul are not only known for their vast experiences and knowledge in the field of entrepreneurial training, management strategy but also for the powerful communication skills. The skill of coaches blends the theoretical and practical knowledge to create an impact of lifetime learning on the entrepreneurs. The common objective of ‘Entrepreneurial Excellence’ drives all the coaches associated with Nirvana Gurukul and all of them bring together the perfect combination required to take an organization to its ultimate nirvana.


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