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This is a program for entrepreneurs running entities that want to move into becoming corporates, revenue wise these are more than 50 cr. Here, we teach them comparatively advanced strategies that will help them to move to the next level of entrepreneurship get corporatized. Here we enhance the Entrepreneur through Experiential Learning methods; we take Live Case studies for the entrepreneur to feel the pain of what he goes through. They learn through Personal Coaches.

Financial Management

  • Finance for Non-Finance.
  • Understanding of P&L.
  • Understanding of Balance Sheet.
  • Cash flow management.

Strategic HR /General

  • OD, Employee Engagement
  • Succession Planning
  • Competency Mapping:
  • Culture, Values, Work Philosophy

Building Performance Culture.

  • Journey from Being driven to self-driven from Being ruled to self-rule
  • How to make performance drive systemic to an organization.
  • Use of elements: Work ethics, core values, purpose, as tools
  • Percolation of quality consciousness through the system, as a ‘nature ‘. How to “Set the system”
  • Top management collaborations, senior team engagement.
  • Prerequisites: Key measurements in place, PMS, Dashboard, Info access / flow.
  • Measuring success beyond commercial parameters (HUL, ITC).
  • (i) Vigilance measures (ii) Quality Consciousness
  • Concept of Core team, management reviews and quality circles.

Sourcing Growth.

  • Reorientation: It is not about ‘How Much ‘ or ‘What ‘ of Growth – it is more about “ How”
  • Breakdown of BHAG into broad “Building Blocks”
  • Options to deliver – Sources of Growth: Internal/External, Organic / Inorganic
  • Understanding essence of business: Key drivers of the industry.
  • Base case, Enhancement/Efficiency, Augmentation, New businesses, Diversification — with examples.
  • Acquisitions, Mergers options: What, When, How, Pricing / Evaluation. Process/stages in acquisitions including due diligence.
  • Strategic orientation– Process for decision making.
  • How to “look for opportunity”, How to make organization “Growth hungry”.
  • Compliances
  • Management Control Systems – MIS, IT Preparedness
  • Knowledge Management
  • Shareholding


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