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Are you an Entrepreneur who is going thru any or all of these following situations:-

  • Do you know how to define your professional goals & how to progress towards it?
  • Is Sales your biggest concern?
  • Is managing time and delivering on deadlines, a challenge for you?
  • Are you able to get work done from your employees?
  • Do you know the formula to get maximum productivity from your employees?
  • Are you able to devote quality time to self, Family or invest time with your employees?
  • Do you enjoy spending time on your hobbies, meeting friends and relatives or are just working round the clock?
  • Are you able to understand your customer’s needs?
  • Is competition a big threat for your business?
  • Do you know how to SELL effectively using Proactive selling techniques?
  • Are you ‘running’ an organization or are you ‘building’ an organization?
  • If the above are your concerns, we have devised an appropriate solution just for you.

    Foundation Gurukul is program designed with 8 highly impactful and interactive classroom training session spread across 1 year. Since we strongly believe in handholding the participant post training and also since our brand promise is 100% Entrepreneurshift Leadershift Managerialshift(ELM) Paradigm Shift Guaranteed, we have created tools in the form of exercises and learning sheets to bridge the gap between learning and implementation.

    And this is how we plan to Live our brand promise :

  • 7 one to one Reviews, spread across 8 sessions where our Reviewers visit your office to bridge the gap by providing path breaking solutions for your challenges.

  • 7 Group guidance meetings for sharing roadblock and challenges faced by Entrepreneurs of the batch. Since these Entrepreneurs come with varied industry background and experience, they act as your board of advisors.

  • 3. Implementation tracker of your implementation sent to trainer for tracking your progress on regular basis.


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