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Hundreds and thousands of business ventures are launched every year. Many never get off the ground. Some grow at a slow pace, while others fizzle out after a spectacular start. Most of them start with a lot of enthusiasm and speed but after a period of time, the organization stops growing and the business ventures that survive are not in a position to scale up and achieve the state they are capable of achieving. Entrepreneur Gurukul is an entrepreneurship development program that provides a platform to all such successful businesses that have grown to a particular level but have now stagnated, unsure of how to grow to the next level of entrepreneurship and become a Next Generation Entrepreneur.


This is an 18-month long customized program designed to suit the needs of micro, small, and medium scale organizations through :
12 full-day high impact sessions and interactive classroom training sessions.
20 one-on-one reviews, spread across 12 sessions to solve problems faced in implementation.
9 Buddy Meetings conducted every alternate month.
Exercise and learning sheets to bridge the gap between learning and implementation.
Awards for implementation of learning of each Lesson.


Why Do Entrepreneurs Miss The Bus
smmart Leadership Model
Set Your DNA First
smmart Vision & Success multiplication Strategy Sheet
smmart Talent Acquisition Process
smmart Wellness Habits
smmart Sales Multiplication Process


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