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Hi Friends,

Welcome to the infectiously energetic, highly crazy and insanely happening world of smmart.

I believe that smmart is a ‘soch’, a ‘thought’… that began on 10th Feb 2000. The seeds were sown to create an Institution that would enable, enrich and enlighten individuals to move ahead in their professional life.

We entered the Training Industry with a bang. We were the most sought after Corporate Training Organization largely known for its expertise in delivering customized programs on Sales – Retail selling skills, Advanced Selling skills, Key Accounts Management, Professional Sellling Skills etc..etc. Gradually we covered all skill-based programs and executed them with much applause. We catered to all MNC’s, all big corporates across all levels, right from the front line guy to the Top management. We exited this space at our prime. We rocked the boat in the middle of the sea !!!

We unconsciously moved into the SME/MSME segment in 2006 to be with Entrepreneurs …. But consciously decided to dedicate ourselves to build their ‘success stories’ and operate in that platform exclusively. There was much to do for them. There was much we could provide, which we then executed over the years. The SME/MSME segment yearned for our knowledge, our expertise and our wisdom in guiding them and scaling their business. We created a mark for ourselves in this segment too. Our meaningful experience, our practical understanding of being 1st Generation Entrepreneurs ourselves and the length & breadth of work that we did with hundreds and thousands of Entrepreneurs gave an edge to serve them better. We became known as ‘Success Multipliers’.

That was also the time when India had just opened the doors to Globalization and big players were already scurrying in the game. The local Entrepreneurs were left to face the competition with global giants. The ‘minnows were pitted against sharks’! At that time, there was an immense need to empower the local entrepreneurs and prepare them to face the challenges ahead. This burning need for having an institution which did original research work on the problems and challenges faced by small and medium enterprises was fulfilled by smmart. We recorded many success stories. We became a pioneer in providing Entrepreneur Training. Today we are fondly called ‘smmart T.I.G.E.R Entrepreneur Parivaar’ or STEP.

Today we exist in an extremely dynamic and ever changing world. I call this period ‘VUCA‘ times. VUCA stands for Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity. The biggest challenge of living in this era is that irrespective of the ever-changing world around you, you have to remain extremely relevant. This challenge may seem even more daunting to entrepreneurs, especially the Entrepreneurs driving the Micro, Small and Medium enterprises. Today we serve this need to make the Entrepreneurs relevant and go beyond as well.

At smmart, we believe that every business has a ‘Business Life cycle’ which demonstrates the maturity of the business and depicts the various phases that businesses continually go thru as they grow. Every time the entrepreneur peaks a point where he will have to do something different to move to the next level. These are transitional points where the Promoter/Entrepreneur has to do something drastic to move the business.

We have mapped these transition points into 6 stages. We call it the “Entrepreneur Growth Cycle”

The Entrepreneurial mindset at each phase of the Business varies. The needs of the business, the resources, the infrastructure, the systems, the processes, the organization structure, the style of operation, the geographical expansion, the strength- weakness-opportunity-threat (SWOT), the strategy, the cash flow requirement, the sales and marketing strategy at each level also varies.


Below mentioned are the 6 phases of an ‘Entrepreneur Growth Cycle’


Early SuccessTM

Growth AccelerationTM





Many entrepreneurs start with the groping stage, reach the early success stage and then either get stuck there or die a natural death. They are not in a position to take themselves logically from the groping stage to the early success stage, from the early success to the growth acceleration stage, from the growth acceleration to the reorientation, from reorientation to the corporatization stage and finally from the corporatization to the liberation stage. The cause for this shortcoming is that many entrepreneurs fail to understand that they need to be equipped with the right and new K.A.S.H.S. at every stage. The knowledge, attitude, skills, habits and strategies (K.A.S.H.S.) required at each stage vary from those needed at the next stage. The entrepreneur needs to bring individual modulation at every stage. His understanding, thought process, philosophy and willingness to take bigger risks consistently make a lot of difference to his ability to scale greater heights. If these qualities do not come naturally to him, then he needs to be educated and enlightened by an external resource.

This is exactly where smmart comes into picture. The company is 100% committed to the cause of giving freedom, liberation, and Nirvana to the entrepreneur. The intense facilitation is done through our training programs, personal coaching, workshops, inspirational talks, audios, videos, books, webinars and various other programs. Today we are known as Entrepreneur solutions provider.

smmart offers an entire spectrum of entrepreneur solutions under one roof. We are committed to deliver what we promise. So, become a member of this ever-growing and dynamic Organization and be ingrained in the philosophies of our community known to all as the ‘smmart T.I.G.E.R Entrepreneur Parivaar’ to build your organization into a world class, global entity.
This ‘soch’ called smmart has grown. We have great dreams for the future and it is clearly documented in our Vision Document. A small peek into this great dream consists of the following (to name a few):-

  • We have a vision to be the most sought after Entrepreneur Solutions provider & be known as the worlds finest Educational conglomerate like Harvard. All of us carry the entrepreneurial spirit and passion to make it a ‘Great place to Work’ (GPTW).
  • In the coming future we will create a foundation catering to the needs of underprivileged women and children and instill in them the ‘sprit of Entrepreneurship’.
  • We will create a 100 acre smmart T.I.G.E.R Entrepreneur Parivaar Development Centre which will be the Centre of Excellence for Entrepreneur Education.

So come, associate with smmart and partner with us to progress consistently and achieve all the aspirations, ambitions, visions, dreams and goals of your life. No matter from which corner of the world you come from, smmart T.I.G.E.R Entrepreneur Parivaar will always welcome you with open arms.

So, now let the world know you have arrived…!!!

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