Growth Multiplier 10X – Mumbai

Growth Multiplier 10X – Mumbai - Mumbai

23 Dec 2017    10 AM to 2 PM


All of us want to grow personally as well as in our business, and therefore we keep targets to grow year on year. However, many entrepreneurs grapple to grow 1X, 2X, 3X or even 5X.
But what if I told you, there are ways in which you can grow 10X, that too every single time, and stay ahead of the world.

Most often, we are so focused on running our businesses at great speed that we are only wondering how to accelerate the business. Just like driving a car at speed requires you to press the accelerator, your business too requires an acceleration, a push to move ahead…and when you apply the push, your business moves forward.
However, one of the most important part of speeding the vehicle and ensuring a smooth ride too requires you to shift the gears time to time.
This is the mistake most entrepreneurs make in business, they are so very focused on pushing the accelerator that they somewhere do not realize that the vehicle (business) will not move beyond a certain speed without shifting the gear. Therefore they experience multiple jerks in their journey and do not enjoy a smooth ride.
Now you must be wondering,

•Which gears are these?
•Just like a car, does the business also have multiple gears that need to be shifted?
•Which of those gears will make us and our organizations grow 10X?
•Will some of my actions take me back and shift my gear downward?
•Will not shifting the gears or wrongly shifting them lead to negative impact on my business?
•If I do not consciously move up 10X, can I move down by 10X too?
•What shifts do we need you bring in ourselves and our businesses to be able to multiply our growth?
•How can we earn the title of a Growth Multiplier for ourselves, proving to the world that continuous growth is possible?

Well, if you too are interested in uncovering the answers to these questions and have the burning desire to learn great philosophies to multiply your business then your search ends here. All your questions will be answered at smmart’s latest offering: “Growth Multiplier – 10X” on the occasion of 26th Knowledge Knights at Mumbai on 23rd Dec 17.