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This is a year-long detailed program designed for early success stage TM entrepreneurs, to suit the needs of micro scale organizations for entrepreneurs who have understood what they want to run as a business and are trying to establish themselves as an entity. The business training courses are delivered thru 6 full day sessions, 5 one-on-one reviews and 5 buddy meets conducted every alternate month.


Motivational programs are specially customised, conceived and designed with an objective to suit and address a specific need of the customer and his business at that specific point of time.

It can be to convey a company strategy with clarity or to help the Entrepreneur to focus back on his long term vision or short term goal with dedication, determination, zeal, passion, enthusiasm towards that envisioned future. Our Pep Talks challenge traditional paradigms making people aware of what they are missing and how they can overcome shortcomings in their behavior, attitudes and skills to rise above the ordinary and be more successful.

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