An overview about smmart

True School For Entrepreneurs

smmart is the brainchild of Mr. Santosh Nair, established on 10th February 2000 as a Corporate Training company, along with Mrs. Sindhu Nair as co-founder.

smmart is in the business of providing corporate sales training and other corporate training and development solutions to Entrepreneurs across all phases of evolution in their business growth cycle.

Though it started out as a Corporate Training Organization, smmart graduated to niche out into the SME and MSME segment very consciously. In fact, while being at the top of the corporate training industry, it rocked the boat in the middle of the sea and exited the corporate world.

Today, smmart is in the business of providing solutions to Entrepreneurs across all phases of evolution in their business growth cycle. This is accomplished by conducting entrepreneur workshops that provide Education, Training, Coaching, Mentoring, Motivational speeches and related merchandise.

smmart has a glorious history and has proved its credentials since the year 2000 in Training. The organization has inspired over 4000 entrepreneurs across a vast spectrum of industries (Real estate, Retail, Jewelry, Engineering, Chemical, Service etc… ) and created success stories for all those organizations that came in contact with it. The Methodology used includes a mix of classroom training, experiential learning, interactive/activity based workshops and individual reviews.

The unique differentiator smmart has, is its insights into an entrepreneur’s mind & focus on driving implementation so that knowledge does not remain as knowledge but finds a business application in the entrepreneur’s context with visible results.

smmart has its headquarters in Mumbai and is operational in Surat, Rajkot, Baroda, Ahmedabad, Raipur, Nasik , Cochin, and Calicut. There is also an immediate expansion plan to include more cities of Western & Southern India in keeping with its vision towards a Pan-Indian footprint by the end of 2016.

At smmart we ensure that we take in only the best, most immensely talented and passionate Trainers and Coaches who bring with them their rich experience of the entrepreneurial mindset. Internally smmart is like a ‘Training Academy ‘ that constantly nurtures, certifies and upgrades all its employees, including Trainers for creating unique experience & visible business results for its customers.

smmart has a proprietary business diagnosis model called Entrepreneur Growth Cycle, which maps the entire evolution of an Entrepreneur’s business journey from the Start up stage till the Liberation ( Nirvana ) stage. This model has been developed after years of experience working with entrepreneurs, and the tremendous insight gained into the entrepreneur’s thinking and working. Each stage is marked by specific issues faced by most entrepreneurs in that stage — and for each stage, smmart has a customized solution, in the form of an educational / transformational program.

smmart is an organization which ‘walks the talk’. It strives to be a role model for entrepreneurs by internally implementing all the tasks , tools , mechanisms & processes that its management training program professes to its customers; smmart thus carries the conviction & clarity in preaching from its practice. It also has a well-articulated Vision framework in all its elements which acts as an anchor for its progress on the defined path, and acts as a guide to its employees across locations and businesses.